Friday, June 15, 2012

Shai (Gift)

I will gather feelings that remain,
like the last fruits after the harvest
All that the hand of sadness hasn't destroyed from the root
And the fires of anger have not yet scorched within me.

I will line a wicker basket with memories of Kineret
And the pink of morning skies between garden trees.
The gold of noon on the tranquil expanse
And the evening lilacs on the Golan hills.

The memory of the night the crescent moon rose over still waters
This is my shout of joy as my days begin.
This is the shout of joy I'll bind the basket with
And send it to you - will you be happy for the gift?
( )

Rachel is a very famous Israeli poet that lived in Israel in the beginning of the 20th century. She lived for many years on the shores of the Kineret (the Sea of Galilee) and most of her poems mention the view of the Kineret and the Golan height.

Like in the poem, this last week at KSA was a gift.  Our week began with a great milestone (Author’s Tea for the first graders) where our young students presented their first “bikurim” – a collection of booklets that they wrote about themselves and topics that are close to their hearts. The week continued with our lively Zimriyah – a huge celebration of KSA spirit and connection with Israel, shared by students, teachers, parents, families and most preciously many of our alumni, who went on stage with our 8th gradres to dance and celebrate the ending of the year.

Our second graders journeyed to Borderland State Park and Morah Batya's home and our third graders trekked along the Freedom Trail in Boston.  So many journeys, so many gifts!

At our annual meeting we celebrated some significant milestones for our teachers.  We honored those teachers who dedicated endless amount of hours, days, weeks and years (many of them 20 years) of hard work, passion and love to KSA.

For 5 years of dedication:
Miriam Klausner
Alex Leo
Alicia Raines
Anita Rodriguez
Sarah Shay Davidson

10 Years of dedication:
Rita O’Brien

15 years of dedication:
Sharon Duman Packer

20 years of dedication:
Ken Faria
Claudia Michaels Brodsky
Marla Osberg
Bracha Oren
Marcia Shimshak

Our week also included some sad moments where we began the difficult process of saying "goodbye" to some of our most beloved teachers. Each of them leaves a stamp on our community and in our hearts. The teachers/staff members that are leaving at the end of this year are:
Ronit Amit
Carol Fanger Bell
Ghilly Einhorn
Julia Horowitz
Shira Horowitz
Sharon Jacobs
Stella Kamenetsky
Fran Kantor
Kathy Kats
Rabbi Joseph Meszler
Claudia Michaels-Brodsky
Bob “Moreh Shem” Minder
Marla Olsberg
Daiva Navickas
Mindy Schiller
Marcia “Morah Miriam” Shimshak
Saying goodbye is never easy. Doing so together as a community eases the pain just a bit. We want to encourage you to click here to leave a message in one or more of our tribute journals.  The journals are also available by Rita's desk if you'd like to inscribe them personally.

Our week is like the bikkurim basket – full of happiness, sadness, memories and looking into a great future – "will you be happy for the gift?"

Rabbi David and D-Res

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  1. Thank you, Rabbi David and Dr. Resnick, for focusing on the hope for our future without discrediting the mantel of sadness our teachers and staff must wear as we close out the 2011-2012 School year. May God grant us the strength to lean on Him during the next two school days as we bid adieu to our beloved friends on Tuesday. God has chosen you to lead us through this difficult period. Let's put our trust in His plan.