Tuesday, February 7, 2012

KSA Israel: Masada and the Dead Sea

I am excited to turn the blog over to a few of our 8th grade students who asked if they could share their thoughts and impressions of the day.  It has been a great day here in Israel and I am happy to share their words with you:

Instead of waking up at 4:30 to see the sunrise that was not there on Masada, we got extra sleep and breakfast before our climb today. We started our journey by leaving the hostel and walking to Masada which is located right next door.  We started the hike with an easy path up to the base of Masada. Little did we know that we had a whole lot in store for us, for the path was quite steep and treacherous, but we pushed with perseverance. During the hike up, we were faced with the challenge of navigating the narrow snake path. Finally we reached our destination, the summit.

We started our adventure with a davening that was so powerful that we even had other groups of kids taking pictures of us and singing along (or as some say, making fun of us ;-)). When we got to the Amidah we were given the opportunity to spread out across the mountain and have our own space. We continued on with a tour of Masada learning the history of our martyrs. At the end of our time up on the mountain, we were given the choice to take the easy way down on the cable car or hike down the mountain. When we got to the bottom, we enjoyed a delicious treat of ice cream and iced mocha lattes. And of course, we also went to the gift shop, as what kind of tourists would be be if we didn't continuously support the Israeli economy?

We took a quick trip to the hostel to prepare for our visit to the  Dead Sea. We then took the bust to a hotel next to the Dead Sea and ate a quick lunch. Then, we walked down to the beach to enjoy a freezing, yet relaxing float.  Unfortunately for some of us, it burned and scorched our cuts, but after a few minutes in the water the pain subsided.

All of us soon applied mud to our bodies and enjoyed our new "smooth as a baby's butt" skin, as it was called by our tour guide, Avner.

On the way home to the hostel  we took an avatiach break which is a popsicle that tastes exactly like watermelon. Now we are writing this blog in the lobby and are looking forward to the rest of the trip.
By Wesley, Adina , Sasha, Aviatal, Kaitlyn, and a little bit of Natalie
with my deep and sincere appreciation for taking away from their precious moments of free time...

To see today's video, click here.  Tomorrow, we head north to spend the day in Tel Aviv and then it is up to Kibbutz Gonen for the night.  We are getting closer to Haifa and to meeting our new friends from Ironi Gimmel!

Marc Medwed
Head of School


  1. It looked like a difficult hike up Masada! I bet it was worth the effort! The mud looks pretty gross, but I am sure you all enjoyed it! So much fun, so little time left. Take in every last minute. Enjoy your friends from Ironi Gimmel, and get some more shopping in.....

    1. Let's give a big hand to Rabbi David who climbed up Masada with a backpack and a guitar!!! Looks amazing!! So glad everyone is enjoying!!

  2. What a beautifully written blog! Great job Wes, Adina , Sasha, Avital, Kaitlyn, and a little bit of Natalie!!
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