Friday, October 28, 2011

Giving our students their voice in school

It is hard to find the single most appropriate word to describe how I felt when our 7th and 8th graders began to move to their first-ever KSA Student Council Committees. These committees were created by both student and teacher interest and input. Many students cheered as they heard the committees to which they were assigned (based on their top 3 choices). Some appeared nervous about their first assignment – to work within their committees to create a mission statement for their committee…They need to address the following questions: Why did they come together as a committee? What is their purpose? Who are they to serve? What do they want to be remembered for? Could they create a mission statement that was inspirational, and brief? Would their mission statement pass the litmus test of how would it look on a Tshirt and would they wear it? How was their mission statement connected to KSA’s vision? A sophisticated undertaking, no doubt, but then the ideas began to flow….

The events committee began to talk about theme days and how to make school fun “without interrupting school”. “Twin day, Red day for heart health, school spirit day – can we all dress as Hornets?” The Green Committee reached out immediately to the faculty to find areas in the school that might benefit from some tender loving care. Some committees searched for a name for their committee, helping them to bond as a group and develop camaraderie within the committee. Committee advisors – teachers they work with daily but will now work with in a new capacity, as well as our new school social worker and an administrator from the business office who they met for the first time – just another example of how everyone from KSA takes an active interest in our students and is willing to take time during their day to enhance our students’ lives.

Many approaches, many ideas – works in progress – collaboration – all of it good for the students and ultimately good for KSA….Why limit my feelings to one word – so many came to mind – pride, excitement, wonder, awe, anticipation…the possibilities are limitless, just as they are for our KSA Student Council….

Ivonne Krasnick, Assistant Head of School

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